I have tried many massage therapists in many different countries and using numerous techniques. After trying Shiatsu with Marcia I realized that I had made the right choice. I feel great, rested and relaxed.  H.M. October, 2013

Since I started receiving massages from Marcia I have not had any of the tension headaches that I was having. K.S. October, 2013

“I never had a massage before. This is neat!”   John C, 91 years old  (just showing that you’re never too old to have your first massage…)

I have experienced numerous massages over the years, some at exotic spas, and I can honestly tell you that Marcia’s was one of the best I have ever had. You can tell a good massage not only by the almost immediate euphoric experience, but by the resididual after-effect – my lower back and feet still feel great four days later!  I guess the only good thing about all this rain is that we have more time for massage than we do for golf. See you soon, Marcia!       Julie DiVecchio,  May, 2011

“I felt great after my massage. I especially appreciated the work on the neck. I have had neck massage before that was painful and left me sore. This was specific and effective and my neck felt so much looser.”      David Salgorolo, Squirrel Hill, January 2011

Marcia – Just wanted you to know that I woke up this morning with no pain – for the first time in I don’t even know how long – years – thanks !  Martha Ann Terry, anthropologist, December, 2010

My new favorite way to end a Friday – relaxing massage … Thanks to Marcia Smith for her generous donation to the POWER auction (and to the Goddess of Lucky Tickets who let me win!) If you’re in the area, she’s an experience not to be missed. Mary Irwin-Scott

I have greatly benefited from massage for several years now.  I have always enjoyed the stress reduction and helping “iron the kinks out” of my body aspect of massage.  However, several years ago I was in a serious car accident and suffered a severe whiplash injury.  It was during this time that I discovered the truly therapeutic benefits of massage.   For two years I was in chronic pain.  Finally, I “discovered” the right combination of exercise (through yoga), deep tissue massage (with Marcia at Body Harmony) and chiropractic adjustment.  I have made each of these healing modalities part of my life.  I can highly recommend Marcia Smith as a well-trained, knowledgeable and skilled massage therapist.  I always leave her office feeling better than when I arrived!       Joanne Spence, Owner, Urban Oasis Yoga; Director, Yoga in Schools

Marcia is the one of the best massage therapists I have had experience with. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and has great skills.     Pat Downey, Dean of Physical Therapy Program at Chatham University

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