Trigger points – maybe not so bad after all…

SCM-PainTrigger points (including what you might think of as “knots” in the muscle) are everywhere. Pretty much everyone except a baby has trigger points. Most of them are not a problem – they are simply the body’s way of compensating for physical stressors.  We need physical and mental challenges to stay fit and to become stronger.  The problem comes when there is too much stress and we are not able to safely and healthily react to it.  That’s where the pain and dysfunction come in.

In neuromuscular therapy, the therapist spends time working to relieve but not erase the trigger points. And the massage is just part of the solution – the relief comes much faster when the client is able to reduce whichever stressors within their control.   Stretching, better sleep habits, improved work and play time ergonomics… all help to dial back the trigger points to the place where they don’t cause pain.

You will probably feel tenderness in places you were not aware of during your neuromuscular session. That’s a good thing – to find and treat them before they become painful. To learn where you could use some extra self care.  So trigger points might not be so bad after all!