Stress and metabolism

How can massage help keep you fit and well?

One of the most powerful ways massage fosters wellness is thru the reduction of stress. Stress hormones hinder all body functions, and happy hormones facilitate all body functions. Regular massage is one of the best ways to achieve deep relaxation and body awareness.

Dr Weil recently reported on his blog about a study showing that Stress slows your metabolism.  This is also related to another study I read recently in Prevention Magazine explaining something counter-intuitive about work-outs and weight loss. This personal trainer found that at some point, if a workout regimen is TOO intense and stressful, the body preserves the fat as a self-protective measure. Her clients who had gotten stuck at a plateau actually got better results when they scaled back their workouts.

A certain amount of stress in life is normal and helps to motivate us. But many times in our life we have over-the-top stress, and need some extra support to get through the tough times. Often the stress is linked to challenges for our loved ones as well as ourselves!  Taking time for a massage helps us get through and feel better as we survive and thrive.