Pain in the Neck? Massage and Chiropractic to the rescue

Pain in the Neck?
I was sitting in a waiting room recently and noticed how many people were bent over their mobile devices. With the popularity of these addictive gadgets we have added yet another cause of neck pain to our modern lifestyle. Working at a computer is probably number one, contributing to the nearly universal habit of forward head posture.
Another common cause is whiplash – usually acquired in that other modern convenience, the automobile. And then there is “sleeping wrong” – it’s not that we suddenly forgot how to sleep. More likely we did something else to stress the neck, and then slept on it and awoke to stiffness and pain.
That’s where you come in – to get a massage. Working on the neck is one of my favorite techniques because so many people suffer from tight and stiff and injured necks, and massage can give so much relief. In fact, I think the neck work is so important that I am currently doing a 35 CEU study of the neck with 3 fellow therapists, using the Dr. Ben Benjamin orthopedic training DVDs.
I hope your neck is pain free, but if it’s not, give me a call!
Of course, there are other things you can do for your neck pain, but seeing your PCP is probably not the most helpful. You may get muscle relaxers – a not too great way to attack the symptoms without addressing the cause of your pain.
Chiropractic and physical therapy are much better. I have had great experiences with both. Some people have had not so good experiences with practitioners. Make sure you get a good recommendation. Make sure your practitioner is listening to you and not having you do anything that you are not ready to do.

Special Offer from Chiropractor Dr. Chris Powell
I have recently started a partnership with Dr. Chris Powell of Wellness Pittsburgh in Regent Square where we offer discounts to each other’s clients. Just mention me and receive $50 off a new patient visit. Dr. Chris is skilled in a variety of techniques to address the needs of a variety of patients, and he is a great listener.
Like massage, chiropractic is a great tool for wellness. By preventing and correcting interference to the spinal nerves, chiropractic helps keep ALL of our body systems functioning at their best. 412-243-9355