Tablet and phone use injury

Little aches and pains

Do you pay attention to little pains and take care of them before they become big pains?

All of us are prone to ignoring warning signs, including me!  For months I’ve had a recurring pain in my forearm, right along the radius bone.  I thought, bone bruise, stress fracture?  But could recall no injury.

Finally it dawned on me – gripping my phone and iPad. The thumb has many long muscles, giving it great mobility. They extend down the forearm. Overuse = tendinitis or tendinosis – inflammation and/or tiny tears in the muscle and tendon fibers. I am now much more conscious of how and for how long I am holding my devices.

We’ve probably all heard of “phone neck” from leaning over your phone. But phone thumb is also a risk, especially for you text-addicts!flexor-pollicis

I mention this as a cautionary tale.  Pay attention to little pains so you can adjust your activities and save yourself from chronic pain and disability!

And consult your massage therapist for care and prevention!  She can often help you pinpoint the source and cause of your pain, as well as suggest therapy and self care.