Staying Healthy through the Winter

The best things are the simplest –

1) De-stress … get a massage!

2) Get better sleep – limit evening screen time.

3) Enjoy a variety of stretching and activities that get you moving.

(check out Jessica Smith’s YouTube channel)

4)  Use immune boosting herbs. I rely on Chinese formulation that I get at WAY wellness center.  It is “well” worth the trip to Aspinwall!  I use the anti-viral anti-bacterial tea whenever I feel under the weather. Also the herbal pills Yin Chiao for a sore throat, and Gan Mao Ling for general cold or flu symptoms. There are things you can get at the drugstore that have some value, but I have had great success with these Chinese herbs. The formulations have been refined over thousands of years.

You can’t always avoid catching a cold – but you can really cut down on the severity and speed recovery. And I do not get the flu.