Back Pain and Depression – the Chicken and the Egg

From Consumer Reports, June 2017:  Pain may stem from a physical cause, “But it’s perceived in the brain,” says Robert Kerns, Ph.D., a professor at Yale University. …  “That means that pain can amplify-or even cause- depression and anxiety, and vice versa.“

Clients often ask me to tell them how serious is their muscle dysfunction or tension.  I say that what you feel is more important than what I feel.  To understand your pain and/or anxiety and depression, it helps to look at your whole experience.

We tend to look first for a accident or activity that may have caused pain.  But there are many other questions to ask:  How is your sleep? Your diet?  What kind of stresses are you under?  How are you taking care of yourself? All of these factors affect how painful you experience your muscle tension. Serious, even disabling pain may have a primary cause that is not physical.

Massage therapy can help whether the anxiety and stress caused the pain, or the pain caused the anxiety.

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