How can massage therapy help you?

  1. Feel better by releasing stress and reducing pain.
  2. Sleep better and have more energy.
  3. Improve performance, increase strength, and speed recovery for athletes at various levels, as well as non-athletes.

Who benefits from massage?  My clients include:

  1. Busy professional people who spend long hours at the computer.
  2. People who deal with ongoing daily stress as well as acute stressful situations.
  3. People who are recovering from painful injuries or syndromes brought on by stress, activities or trauma such as motor vehicle accidents.

Results you can expect from your therapy session

People receive many benefits from massage therapy (MT). It can help speed healing of conditions such as whiplash, carpal tunnel, sciatic pain (depending on the cause), headaches, and many more. If you are holding a high level of tension in your muscles and are new to massage, you may feel some soreness, or a slight increase in symptoms after your first session for a day or two. This is a normal part of the process and you will very likely feel much better after this passes. You can help by taking good care of yourself – getting plenty of water, sleep, and doing gentle stretching. You can also use ice, or alternating heat and ice to relieve acute symptoms.

Good  communication is essential for you to get the most out of your massage therapy. I will check in with you to make sure that you are comfortable with your temperature, the pressure, and the choice of areas to work on during a session. I also count on you to let me know if anything changes for you during a session or between sessions.

Often people notice an improvement right away. If you are not progressing as you would like, there may be an extra stress you are under that would slow your progress. We can work together to determine if the therapy should be adjusted or what lifestyle changes can be made to enhance your recovery. I also have a wide network of contacts in case a referral to another practitioner would be helpful.

Scheduling Appointments

Appointments are available Monday – Thursday  8 am – 8:30 pm, and every other Friday and Saturday, 9 am – 5 pm. You can view upcoming availability: Appointment times available             


Payment is due at the time of the appointment, and checks, cash and credit cards are accepted. Receive $5 off when you schedule a regular appointment. Discounts are offered for seniors or others on limited incomes.  If you find that your financial circumstances change, please let me know so that we can discuss your payment options.

Late and Missed appointments

I am punctual with appointment beginning and ending times so that everyone can keep to their schedule. If you arrive late I may not be able to give you the full time we had scheduled.

Missing appointments: 24 hours notice is requested. You will be charged for missed appointments.

Green business practices

Body Harmony is a green business. While you are relaxing you can rest assured that your massage has a small carbon foot-print.  I use a table warmer.  I use paraben-free massage cream.  Sheets are washed in eco-friendly detergent and line dried.