How to avoid or recover from neck pain.

I love to work with people who are have a pain in the neck.      Why? Because I have a lot of massage techniques that are very effective in discovering and relieving the exact sources of your stiffness and pain. I also love to help you figure out and change what you are doing to cause your discomfort.

Some of the main causes of neck pain are:

  1. Sleeping on your stomach. I know you got away with this when you were younger, but now’s the time to make a change!
  2. Habitual shoulder hunching, especially when stressed.
  3. Poor work station ergonomics – is your head often tilted or neck turned or head forward while working?
  4. Unresolved injuries such as whiplash.
  5. Cradling a phone with your chin or neck.
  6. Prolonged staring down at your electronic device of choice.

The first step in prevention and recovery is awareness.  Notice when you are doing one of these hurtful activities.

The second step is action: getting massage and doing simple stretches and exercises.

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