Feet – why they hurt and how to care for them.

This is a brief overview of foot concerns and care. Please call me with questions on how massage can help your foot issues!

The human foot and ankle is a complex structure containing more than 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than a hundred muscles, tendons, and ligaments. How the feet function affects the whole body.

According to Reflexology theory, the feet are a map of the whole body, and you can treat the whole body by treating the feel.

A)     Things that can cause trouble:

1)      Foot structure (high arches, flat feet, etc), tight calf muscles.

2)      Shoes – too small, stiff, or tight. High heels. Unevenly worn soles.

3)      Overdoing it, working or playing on hard surfaces

4)      “Weak ankles”  – some combination of loose ligaments and/or weak calf muscles.

B)      A few things that can happen:

1)      Plantar Fascitis  – causes include high arches, over use and poor support.  Symptom – sharp pain, worse in the morning, felt in the instep and towards the heel.

2)      Shin Splints – causes similar to plantar fascitis, also muscle imbalances.  Symptom: pain along shin bone. Can be confused with a stress fracture.

3)      Neuromas – causes include tight shoes or narrow spaces between foot bones. Symptom: feels like a sock or something is rolled up under the ball of your foot.  Irritates the nerve.  Important to address right away before it gets too severe.

4)      Ankle sprains – muscle and/or  ligament weakness

C)      How to prevent and heal:

1)      Protect (wear shoes that are right for you)

2)      Stretch & Strengthen (yoga and other exercises)

3)      Massage – both calves and feet.

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