Partner Massage

Learn easy massage techniques to help ease aches and pains for yourself and your friend or partner. Course will include methods you can use working through clothes as well as methods using massage cream directly on the skin.  Course is recommened for 2 to 8 people. At your home or at my office.

3 – 5 hours.

Renewal Retreat

Don’t just have a massage party – have a renewal retreat!  Enjoy a variety of activities to rejuvenate. Activities may include: Hand and foot massage, acupressure, essential oils, movement exercises, healthy  recipes, and guided meditation and breathing exercises.  3 hours

Making sense of meridians:

Creative ways to understand and use the Five Elements and 12 energy channels.

Have you ever had shiatsu or acupuncture and wanted to learn more about what makes these modalities so effective? Also great for people who are considering trying one of these therapies.  2 hours

Watch this space for scheduled classes or call me to schedule one for you or your group.