Pregnancy & Geriatric

Massage is great for people in all stages of life. It can be adapted to many ages and health conditions. Please call with any questions about your specific condition.

Prenatal Massage

Massage therapy and shiatsu are very helpful during pregnancy to help ease the aches and pains that come with physical, hormonal, and sleep related changes. It helps lower stress and provides a restful break. You will lay on your side with extra pillows for comfort. Massage is typically approved for any normal pregnancy after the first trimester. You can ask your doctor to be sure.

Geriatric Massage

No matter what your age, massage helps you feel better. But for those of us getting a little older, we know that our bodies can be more prone to aches and strains, and slower to recover. A massage or shiatsu session does wonders for all older people, from athletic to more sedentary. The session can be adjusted to your needs, including a choice of whether to receive the session on a massage table, on a bed, or a chair. Outcalls are also available to your house or to a care facility.