What shape is your “Health Pyramid”?

Massage Therapy and the “Health Pyramid”

Did you see Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on television recently? As a professional chef and father of several children, he is campaigningto educate people about the food that children are being served at school and how it can be improved.

In a dramatic display, he showed how much sugar the children of Los Angeles consume JUST in flavored milk, JUST in one week.  That amount filled a school bus to overflowing.  I think he said that 75% of the milk consumed by school children in the U.S. is flavored milk – the equivalent of eating a candy bar with your milk.

We know that our actual food intake compared to the recommended “Food Pyramid” sometimes gets a little upside down or boxy at the least.  Sometimes we don’t get those fruits and vegetables at every meal.

The same thing happens with our health pyramid. At the bottom, the things we should be doing a lot of: good food, relaxation, physical activities we enjoy, building good relationships, getting massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, and other wellness care.

At the top, things we do to manage symptoms: such as take over the counter medications.

In the middle: appropriate use of the medical system for check-ups, and medical measures to manage and address moderate to serious issues.

The great thing about keeping the food pyramid or the health pyramid in balance is that by doing so we can both enjoy life and be more productive. 

It occurred to me that massage therapy is like the fruit in the food pyramid.  It is enjoyable, and regular consumption is excellent for our health. I hope no one would suggest that eating fruit is self-indulgent or a luxury just because we can “live” without it (though I’ve seen people do it.)  At the same time I propose that massage therapy – at some regular interval – is an excellent building block to great health. Just like art, music, and sport – one can survive without these joys of life, but why would you want to?

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