The Healing Power of Water

You’ve probably been told to drink water after a massage to “flush away the toxins.”  As I mentioned in my recent blog post about massage myths, a massage does not increase or release toxins in your system.

However, there are many great reasons to drink water, and water rich beverages.   A recent Consumer Reports article urging us to move away from sugary drinks lists EIGHT different benefits to your body.

Do you know what percentage of our body is composed of water?

a)30%     b) 45%       c) 60%    Read on to find out!


Here’s how much to consume per day, and eight for-real benefits.  From all sources including your food, try to get 11 – 16 cups per day. So if you are eating lots of fruits and veggies, those count quite a bit towards your total. Also factor in your size, the weather, and your activity level to see if you need to increase your intake.

Staying well hydrated helps you to:

1) Prevent or relieve a headache.

2) Fight a fever.

3) Improve your digestion.

4) Moderate your appetite.

5) Make your heart’s job easier.

6) Improve athletic performance.

7) Boost your cooling under hot conditions.

8) Improve your mood.

Yes, it’s true – our bodies are 60% water, so drink up!

Source: Catherine Roberts in Consumer Reports, October 2017

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