Sometimes your brain hurts…

The holidays can be a time of big feelings both happy and sad. Sometimes we recall childhood and family memories, and sometimes we don’t fully understand what is affecting us.  A massage session is a powerful way to reconnect us with feelings of love and acceptance.

I have so appreciated all the good folks who have helped me work things through – nothing like a little insight to feel better both body and soul.  When talking to a wise friend is not enough, seek out a professional counselor.

Get a referral from a trusted friend or professional. I know some good folks locally, such as Kate Sherman, M.S. who can be contacted at or 412-965-1303 in Edgewood or 412-623-3023 in Shadyside.

My sister Alison Smith Longstaff is offering counselling by phone, Facetime, or Skype.  This is a great option especially when time or funds are in short supply.  You can schedule with her at Alison Longstaff scheduling  She is currently building her website, but her Facebook page is Alison Longstaff Counselling

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